OBST 7120 (2024/2025) 10/28/2024-11/10/2024

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OBST 7120 - Elective in Family Planning
The student will learn to evaluate and manage patients' family planning needs, including contraception for low- and high-risk patients, preventive medical care, and pregnancy termination. The educational experience will be clinical and didactic, with exposure to both medical and surgical termination of pregnancy.
The student will:
• Participate in outpatient clinics and surgical procedures with members of the division of Family Planning
• Participate in other outpatient gynecology clinics, with a focus on complex contraception and office-based procedures
• Attend all relevant teaching conferences in the Division and the Department

Course Goals
As a result of successfully completing Elective in Family Planning course, students will be able to:
1. Students will be able to provide comprehensive pregnancy options counseling.
2. Students will be able to assist patients with their choice of contraceptive that are appropriate for their medical status and personal needs.
3. Students will be able to recognize, evaluate, and manage complications of contraception.
4. Students will be familiar with the techniques of placement of long-acting contraception, including injections, intrauterine devices, and subdermal contraceptive implants.
5. Students will be familiar with the medical and surgical techniques of pregnancy termination, and with their potential complications.
6. Students will understand the legal and administrative governance of pregnancy termination.
7. Students will be exposed to family planning research in a multi-disciplinary setting and identify clinical and policy implications of projects.
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St. Vaughan,ABIGAIL DC | abigail.st.vaughan@hsc.utah.edu
Gawron,Lori DD | lori.gawron@hsc.utah.edu
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Fail (F)Incomplete (I)Pass (P)

OBST 7010: OB/GYN Clinical Clerkship

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