SURG 7600 (2024/2025)

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SURG 7600 - Community Emergency Medicine Experience
Orientation will be held on the morning of the first day of the rotation at Alta View Hospital Emergency Department. Topics: general principles of emergency medicine, management of minor orthopedic injuries, management of common minor problems, and workup of chest pain and abdominal pain in the Emergency Department. Most of the learning experience will center around the student's involvement in the care of patients in the Emergency Department. Every effort will be made to be sure that the student sees patients with a variety of complaints and pathologies. Students will actively participate in patient care by seeing patients and presenting them to the attending emergency physician on duty. Students will be expected to present the patient with a differential diagnosis of patient's complaint and to formulate a plan of therapy for each patient.
Credit Range
2 - 8
Academic Year
Permission Required
School Years
Course Classifications
Musuris,Ella (DC) | ella.musuris@hsc.utah.eduDefilippo,Dan (DC) |
Colvin,Erica (DD) |
Possible Grade(s)
Fail (F)Incomplete (I)Pass (P)
Department permission required prior to registration.
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