SURG 7610 (2024/2025)

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SURG 7610 - Core Sub-Internship in Emergency Medicine-University Hospital
Students assume the role of interns in the Emergency Department at the University of Utah and IMC Hospitals during this rotation. Students are responsible for the initial assessment, diagnostic and treatment plan, and disposition for each patient under their care. They will also be responsible for performing all necessary procedures and interacting with patients, families and consultants. Students will work under the direct supervision of faculty and senior residents during their rotation (same as an intern). Students will be assigned to day, evening, and overnight shifts during their rotation (including weekends and holidays). Students will participate in all resident didactic conferences and journal clubs. Students will also participate in student specific didactic sessions and skills labs. It is recommended, and preferred, that rotations in July-September are reserved for students going into Emergency Medicine as a specialty career.
Credit Range
4 - 4
Academic Year
Permission Required
School Years
Course Classifications
Musuris,Ella (DC) | ella.musuris@hsc.utah.eduDefilippo,Dan (DC) |
Stephen,Robert (DD) |
Possible Grade(s)
Credit (CR)Fail (F)Honors (H)High Pass (HP)Incomplete (I)No Credit (NC)Pass (P)
Phases 1 - 3 (MS4's only)
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