MD ID 7240 (2023/2024)

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MD ID 7240 - Medical School Admissions Experience
Medical School Admissions Experience (MSAE) MD ID 7240 is an asynchronous (100% online) 2-credit elective offered during the 4th year of medical school, beginning at the end of July 2023 and ending in February 2024. This course will guide medical students to understand the theory and practice of admissions and to further develop leadership and organizational skills. Medical students can use this gained knowledge during the residency application process, as well as for future leadership positions. Such information and training will also be beneficial to preparing for and thriving in diverse organizations as a higher education leader within academic medicine.

Course Objectives
As a result of successfully completing the MD ID 7240, you will be able to:
1. Develop a leadership and organizational framework to address academic medicine challenges in the future.
2. Gain an understanding and appreciation of the medical school admissions process.
3. Understand the role of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the holistic admissions process.
4. Learn about, participate in, and contribute to the holistic admissions process and understand the reasons why and how our current medical school admissions policies and practices exist as they do.

Medical students who enroll in the MSAE elective will gain leadership experience that will be valuable in leading an admissions office or for leadership positions within the medical or business communities. Moreover, the student will gain an understanding of the behavioral science behind the assessment of applicants that may serve as valuable insight during the residency application process.
Medicine, Interdepartmental
Credit Range
2 - 2
Academic Year
Permission Required
School Years
Course Classifications
Kassab,Maranda (DC) | maranda.kassab@hsc.utah.eduKULIK,TIERNEY (DC) |
Hurtado,Jessica (DD) |
Possible Grade(s)
Fail (F)Incomplete (I)Pass (P)
Phases 1-3 (MS4's only)
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Available Sections

Title Tags Year Start/End C S W
MD ID 7240 - Medical School Admissions Experience ELECTIVE 2023/2024 06/12/2023 - 12/10/2023 2 0 0
MD ID 7240 - Medical School Admissions Experience ELECTIVE 2023/2024 07/10/2023 - 04/28/2024 2 -40 0
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