MD ID 7250 (2024/2025)

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MD ID 7250 - Foundations in Personalized Health Care
Course Overview. This course provides students a broad survey of topics pertaining to the theme of personalized health care (PHC). Different researchers and health care practitioners will lecture each week (or recorded podcasts, documentaries, or lectures will be provided for you for a flipped classroom discussion experience), on topics pertaining to PHC being explored at the University of Utah and beyond. For students who would like to pursue independent research or the Personalized Medicine Certificate, this will provide opportunities to connect with researchers and explore potential opportunities for research projects. This course may also be taken independently of the Personalized Medicine Certificate.
The scheduling of this course is meant to complement the end of SCoPE: Skills, Community, and Professional Exploration and the course structure of Essentials 1.1.
Classes meet: Tuesday, September 24th - Tuesday, November 26th. (10 weeks)
Day: Tuesdays Time: 4:15 pm - 6:15 pm
Format: To accommodate the needs of speakers and student schedules, this course will most often be held virtually over Zoom. Some local speakers insist on meeting in person and we will accommodate them.
Medicine, Interdepartmental
Credit Range
2 - 2
Academic Year
Permission Required
School Years
Course Classifications
Hawkins,Amy (DD) |
Possible Grade(s)
Fail (F)Incomplete (I)Pass (P)
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Available Sections

Title Tags Year Start/End C S W
MD ID 7250 - Foundations in Personalized Health Care ELECTIVE 2024/2025 09/24/2024 - 12/20/2024 2 25 0
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