MD ID 6195 (2024/2025)

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MD ID 6195 - The Entrepreneurship for Medical Technology Innovations
This course continues the principles of medical technology innovation and design with a focus on entrepreneurship and business development within the biotechnology and medical technology industries. The seminar includes in-person training and guest lecture presentations on topics relevant to the University of Utah's Bench to Bedside (B2B) medical technology student competition, which is held each April and is hosted by the University's Center for Medical Innovation (CMI). The B2B competition occurs during this course, providing a showcase for new and emerging technologies and medical technology startups from student-led teams. Additional topics related to business development and strategy include U.S. healthcare economics; international healthcare finance; medical reimbursement strategy; sustainable business models in global settings; understanding customer needs, market needs, and market selection; competitive landscape analysis; strategic partnerships; business model canvas; corporate entities/tax structure; capital acquisition; and pitch video production. Brief reviews of topics covered in 6190: Introduction to Clinical Problem-Solving (e.g., U.S. FDA regulatory affairs, intellectual property IP, etc.) as they relate to entrepreneurial strategy are included.

During in-class strategy sessions, students serve as ad hoc consultants for their own projects and for other teams' projects, focusing on concept and prototype development and on discussions relative to the above-noted entrepreneurial topics. Students will learn to approach real-world clinical problems by identifying diagnostic and therapeutic deficiencies that can be addressed through the process of innovating medical technologies. The text-based lecture series will be complemented with interactive lectures that provide real-world examples of the medical innovation process given by guest lecturers who have successfully navigated the strategic biodesign process and impacted healthcare through innovative technologies.

Attendance and participation are critical. It is also very important that students read ahead and be completely familiar with all case studies covered in the course. The participation grade will be heavily weighted to participation in case study discussions. Clinical observations, in surgical and clinical settings, provide a very unique and critical learning opportunity as students observe and interact with patients, physicians, and other healthcare providers in the settings where technologies are used and care is delivered. Please be respectful and follow all University rules, procedures, and dress codes required to access this environment. This experience is a true privilege and a highlight of this course.
Medicine, Interdepartmental
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