MD ID 7240 (2021/2022)

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MD ID 7240 - Medical School Admissions Experience
The Medical School Admissions Experience (MSAE) elective immerses MSIV medical students in the medical school admissions and selection processes. From September-March, students who enroll in the MSAE elective will gain practical experience in the admissions and selection processes by serving on sub-committees, such as: actively participating in several admissions committee meetings, serving as a Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) evaluator on assessment days, and evaluating Standardized Video Interviews (SVIs) prior to assessment days. This course is asynchronous; however, students will be expected to attend training sessions, review course content, manage their schedules to fulfill sub-committee responsibilities, and complete assignments by their designated deadlines.

Medical students who enroll in the MSAE elective will gain leadership experience that will be valuable in leading an admissions office or for leadership positions within the medical or business communities. Moreover, the student will gain an understanding of the behavioral science behind the assessment of applicants that may serve as valuable insight during the residency application process. Medical students cannot fulfill their sub-committee requirements when they are on their sub-internship experience.

Please email if you wish to register for the course.
Medicine, Interdepartmental
Credit Range
.5 - 2
Academic Year
Permission Required
School Years
Course Classifications
Kassab,Maranda (DC) | maranda.kassab@hsc.utah.eduKULIK,TIERNEY (DC) |
Hurtado,Jessica (DD) |
Possible Grade(s)
Fail (F)Incomplete (I)Pass (P)
Phases 1-3 (MS4's only)
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Director permission required prior to registration

Permission required prior to registration -- see course description

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Course may be dropped from schedule 30 days before it starts.
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Available Sections

Title Tags Year Start/End C S W
MD ID 7240 - Medical School Admissions Experience ELECTIVE 2021/2022 06/14/2021 - 05/01/2022 2 14 0
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